Prototype Equipment Design & Specification


The Prototype Equipment Design and Specification (PEDS) division was established in 2013 as a division of the Projects Development and Design (PDD) Department. The division was set-up to develop Agro-processing prototype equipment for pilot plant set-up with aim of transfer of technology to entrepreneurs. It is also established for training of young engineers on modern tools of design and manufacturing. The division is also required to replicate spare parts to precision as this is essential for manufacturing plant maintenance in Nigeria

The activities of PEDS are grouped as below:
i. Design of prototype equipment using computer aided design (CAD)
ii. Development of prototype equipment using computer aided manufacturing (CAM)
iii. Optimization of equipment design and manufacturing using Computer aided engineering (CAE), Rapid prototyping (RP) and Reverse engineering (RE).
iv. Automation of prototype unit operation equipment and pilot plant equipment.
v. Technical training (Certifications) and services to industries, individuals and institutions.

- Design and fabrication of carbonation system for drinks.
- Design and fabrication of orange and tomato concentrator.
- Design and fabrication of pepper grinding machine.
- Documentation of all completed PDD projects using CAD software.
- Design and fabrication of a solar electroplating powered system

1· Adhesive Reactor
2· Manual Cashew Nut Sheller
3· Batch Cashew nut Roaster (Hot oil)
4· Manual Pelletizer
5· Manual Cowpea Dehuller
6· Cassava Chipping Machine