Works & Services Division


FIIRO’s Works & Services Division is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the Institute’s facilities and equipment are in functionally sound state and serve their intended purposes within their economically viable life spans. To achieve its objectives, the division is administratively divided into the technical sections listed below, which are each supervised and headed by a CTO



1. Servicing and operation of the Institute’s generators
2. Periodic and breakdown maintenance of the generators
3. Servicing and maintenance of air conditioners
4. Repair of faulty lightings, electrical and electronic equipment, electric motors, distribution boards, controllers
5. Supervision of electrical contractors
6. Operation of outdoor substations in the Institute
7. Servicing and maintenance of gas pipelines and gas-fired equipment
8. Installation of new wiring system
9. Installation new equipment and fittings
10.Work with R&D officers on electrical related aspects of their projects


1. Regular and periodic maintenance of mechanical equipment in the Institute
2. Repair of broken down mechanical equipment and facilities
3. Servicing and repair of pumps
4. Servicing and repair of pilot processing plants and equipment
5. Welding and fabrication of mechanical parts 
6. Operation of water sourcing and distribution system of the Institute
7. Servicing and repair of laboratories’ plumbing facilities
8. Maintenance and servicing of toilet facilities


1. Maintenance and up-keep of roof gutters
2. Repair and servicing of drains and roads
3. Maintenance of office furnishing items such as cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, etc
4. Painting of buildings and offices
5. Supervision of landscaping and beautification of the Institute
6. Repair of leaking roofs
7. Repair and painting of perimeter fencing
8. Preparation of estimates for regular maintenance and preservation of Institute’s buildings


1. Repair and servicing of electronic equipment and facilities
2. Computer hardware maintenance
3. Record keeping of computer hard ware and accessories


1. Maintenance and servicing of Public Address system
2. Operation and up-keep of Public Address system
3. Operation and servicing of Intercom and PABX


- Preventive and routine maintenance of equipment and facilities in line with installers and manufacturer’s manuals
- Operation of equipment and facilities in accordance with standard engineering practice, and OEM’s manuals
- Trouble shooting and clearing of faults following safe and international best practices   
- Proper record keeping of equipment and facilities in the Institute
- Provision of water, electricity, and communication services to support R & D activities and meet the needs of staff, organizations, residents and clients
- Regular, periodic maintenance and servicing of generators, water boreholes, drainages, and housekeeping
- Proper disposal of wastes, obsolete equipment and fumigation of workshops, laboratories and offices
- Liaison with external service providers such EKEDC, equipment manufacturer’s representatives, vendors, consultants and contractors
- Installation/ supervision of new and refurbished equipment and facilities
- Provision of safety tools and hazard prevention facilities
- Periodic reports on the activities of the division and seminar presentation
- Any other duties, as directed by the DG/CEO and the management


- Rehabilitation of Pilot Plant III
- Renovation of Akinrele Auditorium
- Upgrading of the Institute’s Internal Electricity Distribution Network
- Rehabilitation of the Institute’s Library
- Re-roofing of the Institute’s Leaking Roofs
- Enhancement of the Functional Integrity of the Institute’s Lightning Arresting System
- Upgrading of the Institute’s ICT Facilities
- Repair of the entire Institute’s Furniture Items in Bad Conditions
- Upgrading of the Surveillance, Audio Visual Equipment in Akinrele Auditorium